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the address may change. but the name, the legacy, and most importantly, the work and the healing will endure. thank you. god bless you and god bless this great army. >> reporter: just to be cheer, walter reed isn't closed entirely yet. the move it is taking place in stages with patients being moved in august. the u.s. capitol will be right in the spotlight once again today. there is a beautiful shot of the capitol early on this thursday morning as we talk about the debt debate and the budget battle throughout the morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. we want to say good morning to tucker barnes who has the latest on our warm forecast. >> we'll warm up. we're back in the 90s today. the good news is we'll hold off on the extreme heat until tomorrow when we'll be
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approaching 100. >> very nice. >> yeah. steve looks very excited about that. let's get started with the hd radar. sarah tells me her sister out in illinois said the storm were particularly bad. she sent pictures. you can see the flashing and a lot of lightning out there towards cleveland pushing down towards pittsburgh. some of that cloud cover we can guarantee will get into the area today so we'll go with a partly to mostly cloudy day today. i know we'll wake up with a little sunshine and we'll quickly cloud up. it is possible some of the shower activity will get in here as well today. that will help hold the temperatures down just a little bit. 80degrees at reagan national. another morning where we won't get a chance to cool off a whole lot. let's go to our next map and check out 80 degrees. humidity, 56%. winds out of the north at five miles per hour. here is your forecast for today and again, possible of some showers around later this afternoon with highs in the low 90s. 89 in appear appear list. 91 in washington, 92 in front royal. we'll look at the weekend forecast in just a minute. >> the shower will be nice.
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it won't probably feel like it is much cooler but it will help the lawn. that is for sure. >> it will help the lawn but also steam things up a little bit. >> thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> good morning to all of you. right now, we are quiet around the capital beltway with no incidents reported. southbound 270 is an easy drive out of germantown. no problems here as you travel south of 11 # headed down into rockville. you will find yourself at speed coming across the american legion bridge. overnight roadwork at 66 and 123 should now be cheered. here we are live northbound on 95 leaving the prince william parkway headed up towards the occoquan. traffic is running smoothly as you travel northbound from fredericksburg, to new stafford and leaving the area of manassas. no accidents to report on 395 between the beltway and the people. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. let's talk about the debate over raising the debt ceiling now. the house set to vote on the debt plan today.
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republican speaker john boehner trying to build spore for his proposal after some in his pear came out opposing the plan. let's get more from audrey barnes live on capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: steve, speaker john boehner quickly tweaked his plan so that more conservatives could support it. he is trying to get it done to prevent a possible defall on u.s. obligations that the treasury department says will happen next tuesday. but democrats are solidly against it. president obama has said he would veto it. the president did get an assist from a strange ally, republican senator john mccain as attention turned to a provision in the 14th amendment to the constitution. some democrats are demanding that the president lift the debt cerealing on his own, relying on that amendment which says, and this is a quote, the validtivity public debt shall not be questioned. >> he should sign an executive
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order invoking the 14th amendment to this issue. >> the tea party hobbits could return to middle earth having defeated morgo r. the reality is that the debt limit will be raised one way or another and the only issue now is how, with how much fiscal reform and what political fallout. >> reporter: mccain read that statement from the "wall street journal" jusm as the tea party was rallying outside the capital. he is warning that conservatives have to give some ground or it will backfire on republican candidates. now, we are aalso learning that president president obama spent much of the day burning up the phone lines on capitol hill but still there is no breakthrough. live on capitol hill, audrey barnes. back to you. >> thank you. a major crackdown under way in one of d.c.'s nightlife hot spots. operations adams morgan kicked off last weekend with more officers patrolling club and restaurants. this weekend being all park ago long 18th street from columbia road to kalorama will be shut
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down from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. the fire marshal will be checking clubs for overcrowding and dpw crews will also be out looking for illegally parked vehicles on the street. >> we are getting complaints, complaints, complaints with overcrowded establishments and allowing individuals to consume too much alcohol and come out on the streets. >> some expressed concerns that the new measures could end up hurting the business owners. police say they are willing to make adjustments. starting this weekend, they will move forward with operation adams morgan. soy a double stabbing injured two women last night along edge wood street. both suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. no word on suspects or motives at this time. police have released two new pictures of a suspected serial slasher in fairfax county. investigators say this man has
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cut at least five young women. he has done this at the fair oak mall, tyson's uss carl vinson corner center and green big brother shopping center. police saw he preys on women in their teens and early 20s, distracts them in the store and cuts their bottoms and takes off. a mount rainier police officer being held without bond now on attempted murder charges. prosecutors say gene gillette lured a man to his home. he shot the man several times. the defense argues gillette is the victim saying he shot in self-defense after the accuser tried to rob him. also revealed in court, the prosecution said gillette has done this before and his other case is currently under investigation. in sports, redskins players arrive for training camp today at ashburn officially kicking off camp tomorrow but that will not include quarterback donovan mcnabb. >> as expected, he has been traded. the redskins and minnesota
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vikings have agreed to a deal. it is not official yet. an announcement is expected some time today. the skins will get a 2012 sixth round pick and a conditional pick in the following year. >> they also got jabar gaffney. the 30-year-old coming off the two best soaps of his career. the skins also agree to a one- year deal with former ravens receiver donte stallworth and picked up josh wilson. in the next half hour, dave ross will join us to break down all of the redskins moves from yesterday. some family members of amy wipe house speaking out. hear what they say caused her death. -- some family members of amy wipe house speaking out. >> stay with us. k9 advantix ii.
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you. israel is building a barrier along the border. the palestinian president is calling for palestinians to take to the streets in massive rallies to force the u.n. to
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recognize palestine as an independent country. families of nerve victims will meet with attorney general eric holder regarding the phone hacking scandal involving the news of the world tabloid, this arrested cog to a lawyer for some of those families who says the meeting will happen august 24th. say a -- the news of the world closed down earlier this month. it was owned by news corp., the parent company of fox 5. toxicology reports are not due back for weeks but amy winehouse's family speaking out about what they think caused her death. family believes she died from a seizure associated with withdrawal system symptoms from alcohol. a new set of wheels perfect on any driveway or runway even.
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the latest new flying car we'll show you. they are supposed to be doing work for a utility company but they are accused of committing a crime. details of their alleged big money heist. julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes. ♪
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the latest thick in flying aircraft has been unveiled at an air show in wisconsin. it is the first time we are getting a look at this flying car. it is designed as a dual purpose vehicle that features folding wings. the transition compact is enough to drive on normal roads and the company expects to make its first customer delivery in
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the next years. >> it doesn't look like it could get off the ground. >> i can just imagine the morning commute for effect is flying to road. >> we used to think that would be a good idea but not around here. >> contact withly. we'll have more clouds out there and that will hold temperatures down a little bit. that will still be in the 90s. more humidity so the chains have started and we're still off and running with forecast highs near 100. >> amazing how nice yesterday felt. let's get right to the maps because i have a lot to hoe you and i only have a couple of minutes to do it. we have the storm system off to the north and west. that will help some clouds spill into the area here shortly. air quality, code orange. that is an unhealthy air quality for many of us as things are going to kind of deteriorate here with more humidity later today. passing shower possible. best chance will be north and north and west of the city later this afternoon. we could have a few showers
5:17 am
around apt the humidity really returns tomorrow with the extreme heat. the wind will shift out of the south. let's do temperatures. 79 now at reagan national. 07 in gaithersburg. 70 in leopardtown. 76 in annapolis. 69 in baltimore. 66 this morning in frederick. our highs, yesterday, we were thinking mid-90s. now we are thinking low to mid- 90s as we'll have a little more cloud cover across the region. here come the clouds and even the possible of some showers not too far away. september nell set-rad showing you the cloud cover just acrossed border in pennsylvania. a pretty good thunderstorm complex just kicking up here overnight up to the north and west up towards cleveland and chicago. this will spill around the area of high pressure right down into the washington area we'll start the morning with some sunshine and then i think we'll cloud up here pretty quickly and be in for a mostly cloudy afternoon. a few changes to the forecast. this is tropical storm don.
5:18 am
maximum winds just 40 miles per hour. it doesn't look terribly impressive but there you go. forecast to intense identify as it push -- to intensify as it pushes across the warm gulf of mexico. we'll see exactly where that tracks as we get into friday and saturday morning early. so tropical storm don number four this season. there is your code orange air quality. most hi cloudy. could be a shower. 91 your daytime high. wind out of the south at five miles per hour. a few showers early tonight. cloudy overnight. 79degrees. 96 on saturday. most of the wound will be dry with the exception of late in the day on saturday with a frontal system. that will cool us down a little bit but kick out the huge for sunday and monday. let's do some traffic and julie wright has your latest.
5:19 am
what is going on out there? >> not a lot right now, tucker. that is a good thing. traffic volume flowing aspeed on the top side of the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound 29 is quiet. coming in if the west, you will find 66 is at speed heaving business 234 headed in towards centerville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. prince george's county police say they have busted two men they believe are responsible for stealing $70,000 worth of copper. police say the men were running the theft ring by operating right in plain sight. wisdom martin has the story. >> reporter: the men on this truck are actual contract workers for pepco. police sea they caught them red handed stealing copper on the job. james price and anthony tate have been arrested in
5:20 am
connection with the theft and sale of over $70,000 worth of copper. >> both were involved in a scheme where they were stealing copper wires which belongs to pepco. >> reporter: police say they were contract workers with rockingham construct company to complete underground wiring at multiple sites. >> while they were working, they were objecting copper wire that was provided to them by pepco but they would take the wire, load the company truck, go to another vehicle which was personally owned by them, load their truck and then they would go if a recycling facility where they would sell the copper wiring. >> reporter: fox 5 has been showing you for months how stolen copper is actually big business on the blark market. in june in this surveillance video, two suspects take two loads of copper gutter fry ahome, load it into a van and drive away in 4 1/2 minutes. >> we were shocked. we were hoping we got lucky and got them on the tape but we
5:21 am
were amazed at the brazenness of it. >> reporter: in may, there were thieves who were stealing copper from underground sites throughout d.c. city locations. >> for us, this is new, however. they are targeting our infrastructure and actually taking copper wire out of our electrical conduit. >> reporter: as far as they two copper suspects arrested in prince george's county, we spoke with the manager at the rockingham construct company who would only say this is an ongoing investigation and they condition comment any further at this time. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the investigate is ongoing. right now, detectives are trying to see how far back this copper theft ring goes and if there are other people involved. dr. oz coming to fox 5 this fall. he is looking for new guests. >> we'll tell you where you want to be this saturday for a casting call.
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>> i'll just say it. i slept with someone. >> if you keep talking, i'm going to get out of car. >> i think it just shows how broken we are. >> the new romantic comedy, crazy stupid love opens tomorrow. kevin mccarthy sits down with the stars. we'll hear from them coming up. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all.
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about the dr. oz show and the show and the good doctor are looking for guests to come on to the new show which will be on fox 5 this fall. if you have a serious health problem and you need his help, this is your chance. the show's producers will be at landmark mall in alexandria this saturday. they are talking to potential guests between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the center court area of the mall and then can you watch dr. oz on fox 5 starting on september 12th. the romantic struggles of two couples are at the center of a new romantic comedy that opens tomorrow. >> ryan gosling and emma stone costar. kevin mccarthy talked with gosling about why he spent so much of the movie slapping co- star steve carell. >> now, the laughter you guy had felt so natural. it is brilliant to watch. when you are shooting those queens scenes, where does the natural laughter come from.
5:26 am
you guys make jokes off camera and then come back and shoot it. >> a lot of that was improv so we were just throwing stuff out at each other orling joke to see what would happen. i think a lot of that was just genuinely making each other laugh. it was real for me. >> i love the scene when you initially walk up to evan stone's character and using those cheesy pick-up lines. they are great. they're funny. what is the worst pick-up line you have ever heard or used. >> they are all pretty bad i think in general. pick-up line is a bad idea. >> reporter: your character is very confident. >> everything is arranged on the set to your favor. then when you step off, nothing works that way. it is a huge letdown. >> you slapped steve carell's face 30,000 times in this
5:27 am
movie. we saw the take in the movie. i'm sure there were many more. >> in my defense, he has a really loud face. i was slapping him. you can just tap steve and it sound like you -- >> right. >> were there ever any slaps that were beyond what you intended on doing. >> sometimes they would just keep echoing and you would just start laughing because you can't believe how loud his face is. >> make sure to join us tomorrow for kevin's interviews with the other stars. >> he will have his reviews of that movie and this weekend's other big releases as well. don't miss that. the countdown to the 2012 olympics in london now less than a year away. >> we'll show you coming up in our next half hour. >> reporter: the clock is still ticking towards tuesday's deadline to broker a debt deal.
5:28 am
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welcome back. you can see the washington monument there in the distance. sun starting to come up here just a little bit on what will be another warm and starting to be a muggy day out there. good morning, everyone. let's say hell toe tucker barnes again. it's hot.
5:31 am
>> it will be hot later today but not quite as hot as we thought it would be. the cloud cover will be moving in. it will be ale bit more cloudy than we thought yesterday. >> not bad. i can handle the clouds once in a while. sun gets pretty intense. >> by tomorrow being we'll be back towards 100 so i guess we should enjoy a little more respite while we can. still in the low 90s. reagan national, 79 degrees. so far that is our overnight low. we'll see if it gets any cooler. dulles, 70. bwi marshall, 69. here in the city, we are holding on to the heat a little bit once again this morning. look what is going on off to the inorganic and west. i just have the satellite on. if i were to throw the radar on top, you would see a lot of showers and thunderstorms. this whole area of disturbed we are, this whole area of storminess will spill over an area of high pressure. the thinking is the cloud cover will move in here today. we'll get a little sunshine
5:32 am
this morning. we'll be partly to most hi cloudy for much of the day. that will hold temperature down a little bit. any time we get cloud cover, that helps hold the temperatures down. we were thinking mid-90s yesterday so it will be a little cooler than yesterday. mostly cloudy. a passing shower possible this afternoon. maybe a 20 or 30% chance we'll see a shower. let me mention the air quality deteriorates today. it will be code orange for today. that is unhealthy air quality for those at risk. >> be careful out there. >> thank you. let's check in with julie to get a look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. we are off to a good start. no problems reported eastbound along 66 as you travel in from manassas this morning. an easy drive so far popping up on us as you con east of business 234 heading in towards centerville. light traffic volume for those traveling on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. no problems reported on the beltway as you travel west of colesville road headed through silver spring. again be university boulevard
5:33 am
west of georgia, that is where we have the water main break at elmhurst. one lane to the left gets through. chopt. now to operation adams morgan and a big push from police to curb crime in that area. it began last weekend with more officers patrolling clubs and restaurants. this weekend, this will be no parking along 18th street from columbia road to kalorama from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the fire marshall will be checking clubs for overcrowding and d perform w crews will be looking for illegally parked vehicles on side streets. some business owners are having second thoughts about it. >> not enough public parking. there is not enough good transportation. you're teaching the people not to come here. >> people walking in the middle of the street, fights taking place. people walking around with alcohol in their hands outside of public spaces. open use of drugs. >> reporter: police say they are flexible and willing to
5:34 am
change most anything involved with this enforcement if it will help curb crime. but starting this weekend, they will move forward with the new plans for operation adams morgan. scary moments for two women in northeast d.c. as they were both stabbed along edgewood street. one woman taken to the hospital. the other treated at the scene. both suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. no word on any suspects or what may have led to that attack. police have now released two new pictures of a suspected serial slash near fir faction county. investigators say this man has cut at least five young women. he has done this at the fair oaks mall, tysons corner center and greenbriar shopping center. police say he preys on women in their teens and early 20s. he distracts them in the store, cut their bottoms and take off. if you recognize him, call police. turning to the debt debate, it was back to the drawing board for republicans. house gop leaders had to rework their deficit plan after tea party activists balked at
5:35 am
speaker boehner's proposal. let's get more from audrey barnes now. >> reporter: good morning. it is not just lawmakers here on capitol hill who are worried about defalling on the in a's debt. leaders in maryland and virginia say the stakes are high for them too. just like you might use a credit card to fund a big purchase, local governments take out credit too to finance big projects. >> capital projects such as renovation of schools or building new schools, building new fire stations, transportation projects. >> reporter: fairfax county chairman sharon bulova says they are called bond sales. a. y or state asks investors for money and promises to pay them back with interest. their bond rating just like your credit score determines how much interest they'll pay. >> because the bond rating is so good, we are able to be able to finance debt with very low interest rates. >> reporter: now, imagine if
5:36 am
suddenly your bank jacked your interest rate. you might not be able to afford everything on your shopping list. that is what maryland and virginia are bracing for, a bad side effect of the gridlock on capitol hill. if the usa's credit goes down, virginia and maryland go with it. >> i just wish they would put country over pear. inboth the republicans and democrats are not on the level right now. >> reporter: peter francho. it says losing the aaa rating would cost millions in higher interest payments and much more. >> it will have a very corrosive effect on the state's fiscal reputation. it is very difficult to get that trust and credibility back once you lose it. >> reporter: in virginia, transportation projects could be hurt by a higher interest rate. >> we would have to look at all of the item that would be fipped as part of that bond
5:37 am
sale to see if we could still afford to do all of those things. with federal contracts and jobs, maryland and virginia have close ties with the federal government. >> it is a lose had been lose situation for the state. i hate to say it. >> reporter: right now, they may wish they had a little breathing room. now, house speaker john boehner has tweaked his plan a little bit so that more conservatives can support it. a vote is set for later today on capitol hill. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. the transportation security administration, t system a, facing a lawsuit now. up next, why one man says ts actual discriminates against the physically challenged. u.s. stocks tumbled yesterday. the dow down nearly 200 points. the nasdaq off more than 2.5%, down 75. the trend continued oversea as asian markets were down across the board. we're back with more fox 5 morning news after this.
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in afghanistan, a former northern virginia resident servings athe mayor of kandahar has been assassinated. he was killed by a suicide bomber while meeting with local leaders in capped hare. the taliban claiming responsibility. the u.s. ambassador condemned the killing but says it is a
5:41 am
sign of taliban's weakness that they can no longer conduct large-scale operations. a story that we covered earlier this year. william caldwell did not engauge in psychological operations against u.s. senators as first reported. the thee-star army general has been cleared following an investigation into allegations that he ordered soldiers to use mind games. the pentagon's inspector general says there is no truth to the accusations. the tsa is facing a discrimination lawsuit accused of not hiring a man because he is missing a hand. michael costantino applied as a security koreaner at la guardia airport. he says he passed the interviews, background check and thought he passed a physical exam but he says the t system a disqualified him for the job because he only has one hand. >> i was hurt at first. it was disappointing. now, i passed everything that was required and they just assumed because i was born out a right hand, i wouldn't be
5:42 am
able to perform the tasks of the job. >> he says he is not suing for the money. he just wants the job. the tsa says they will not comment on the case. the tsa as a congress gave the agency leeway to create its own physical qualifications for a job including motor skills. a lot of changes for the redskins yesterday. up next, the donovan mcnabb era has come to an end in washington. that was a long time being about a year. the team has add new names. we'll talk about that with dave ross next. bring your appetite for this monster sandwich. but is it a world record? we'll find out coming up. stay with us, everyone. 
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge this morning. going to be another hot and humid one out there today. before we get to weather, an annual tradition had mouths watering in mexico city because of this monster sandwich. the biggest ever made in latin america. dozens of chefs used thousands of pieces of bread and over 70 ingredients to create the 164-
5:46 am
foot long sandwich. it was divided up into different sections by each local chef. i could probably eat about maybe 1/8 of that. >> you have the great bread is enough. >> with have clouds moving in later today. that will hold temperatures dthat is good news because otherwise, we would be well into the 90s. the bad news is maybe a few showers and more humidity and the heat we've been talking about really builds in during the day tomorrow. get ready for lots of changes. >> all right. >> a few pleasant days first. the humidity making acomeback. you will start to feel it later this afternoon as our winds have shifted and will be shifting out of the. & % c1 -- out of the north over the next day and a half or so. 69 in baltimore.
5:47 am
our high temperatures this afternoon will be in the upper 80s and low 90s with this cloud cover. check out the satellite-radar. sentinel sat-rad and pretty good storms right now firing up just off to the north appear west. some of the cloud cover going to spill into the washington yard a little later this afternoon. we'll probably get up with a little sunshine and you will notice the high, thin clouds lowering and thickening during the course of the day. it is possible a few of these showers could survive and we could have a few showers in the forecast area a little later today as well. just be ready for. it i don't think it will be a terrible day and with the cloud cover, that will help hold temperatures down just a little bit. let's talk about the heat for tomorrow and yesterday, the heat -- it has been absolutely amazing out to our west. wichita was 110 degrees yesterday. that was the actual air temperature. that dome of high pressure will be pushing east. the forecast high around here tomorrow close to 100. the heat will linger into the
5:48 am
day on saturday. be ready for a couple of hot ones starting tomorrow. 91 today, most hi cloudy. the air quality has deteriorated. -- 91 today, mostly cloudy. here is your five-day forecast. i mentioned the heat from the west. 100 tomorrow, hot and humid. you will notice the humidity around here as well tomorrow. saturday, 96, maybe some storms late in the day on saturday. sunday looks dry and low 90s. that is a look at weather. let's do traffic. julie wright has got your latest. >> we'll start off talking about the commute coming from from the west. if you are traveling eastbound along 66, volume increasing out of manassass you work your way out. no incidents to report as you continue down in towards rockville. in the district, inbound new
5:49 am
york avenue, no problems here at bladensburg road. we were told that problems with the signal lights, new york at moment, they're not working properly. be careful this. also, accident activity involving a bus closes the eastbound side of independence avenue at seventh street? southwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. do you have any outstanding or traffic tickets? if you live in the area, you probably do. here is your chance to save money on the fines. the d.c. department of motor vehicle is offering a temporary am nifty program. can you pay older tickets without paying the extra late penalty. the program begins august 1st and continues through january 27 egg. that includes parking tickets, moving violation and photo enforcement tickets issued before january 1, 2010. d.c. hopes to bring in about $6 million in fines from this. let's talk a little redskins with dave ross now. a lot of moves yesterday. i have to admit, i am not
5:50 am
addicted to twitter 24/# like you are. but yesterday, i kept watching all day. they kept seeing more and more moves that the redskin were making. i have to say i was never realably l.i.e. realably -- never really bloap away by any of them but i know they have to fill up some staff. -- never really blown away by any of them but know they have to fill up some staff. >> donovan mcnabb was a little miffed when he heard that minnesota was going after tyler thigpen. >> who cares? >> sure. it is like don, at this point being you know, we know, the american people know it is not going to work here. i don't care if you are miffed that they went after another guy before they went and got you. you have a great opportunity to go to minnesota with a team that is loaded. i think we are kidding ourself in d.c. if we thought the team was going to go to the playoffs
5:51 am
with don haven't mc-- with donovan mcnabb. he has his chance in minnesota. the team didn't want him. it was a parting of the ways. >> skins did bring in kellen college en. does that help anything? >> we talked about that roster. i think he is one of the 90 men. i do expect him them still to bring in a veteran quarterback. musical chairs is starting to stop. there are not many guys left. i think they are hooking for a guy like mark bulger who has hinted that maybe he wants to retire. i think with the right phone call and right incentive clause, he might come back is out there. there are some other guys to go get. right new, it looks like they are going with kellen clemens. they have not re-signed rex grossman. i think that will get done as well. then we have john beck. >> yeah. that will take another day to
5:52 am
discuss. let's talk about would they will be throwing the ball to. fourteen wide receiver coming to camp. >> is that amazing? >> they signed a bunch of veterans yesterday. because of the sheer magnitude of the number that they are bringing to camp, nobody really stands out here. they locked in santana moss which is good. you don't have anybody to really complement him right now from a number one standpoint. >> i think this is the guy, tv. this is the guy they are going to count on, jabar gaffney that they picked up jed from the denver broncos. ic this is the guy they are relying on. whether or not the rest of us believes he is that good to be the opposite to santana moss, the redskins are. 30-year-old guy. there is donte stallworth, another guy they picked up, another 30-year-old guy. >> are they just bringing the guys in hike they did last year with the running backs. >> sure. absolutely.
5:53 am
i think so. brandon stokely is another guy they signed. there are a bunch of guys now in the 30-plus years you are seeing on the defensive side of the ball. josh wilson, we know him from maryland. we have been talking about the receivers. you will see this. >> we know there are a the love giants fans around here. >> six years, $36 million for colfield. you and i will be talking about albert haynesworth. he has to report today. they say he will report today. whole team has to be there. no practice. we'll find out how long big albert haynesworth is still actually in burgundy and gold but he will be there with the rest of the team. >> thank you very much. the countdown to the 2012 olympic in hop don being we are now less than a year away just by a few days. we are getting our first look
5:54 am
at the medals that will be handed out. some of the fans already excited. keep that enthusiasm for the entire year. we'll show you the medals coming up next. 
5:55 am
5:56 am
time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is anthony bailey today. he says he has tried 1,563, 847
5:57 am
time to be fan of day. it looks like it finally paid off for you. if you had hike to the tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook and post a comment under anthony's photo. >> it is all about persistence. we are onier out for the 2012 olympic games. the celebrations have already begun in london. revelers flocked to a square there to kick off the countdown. they just finished work on the velodrome. official say they are working hard to make sure the big event is environmentally friendly. the goal is to make london 2012 the greenest games if history. we are also getting our first look at the medals that will be handed out to the olympians. here they are. the designer said the medals have a representation of the river thames running across the surface. also included on the gold, avril and bronze awards, a winged image of the greek god he is of victory. very nice.
5:58 am
>> hard to believe we are already talking about the olympics. more bad news for some people out of work. some people are hiring but telling job seekers they won't hire them unless they already have a job. stay with us for that. we're back at 6:00. 
5:59 am

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